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24 000 m2 for rent

We currently have up to 22 000 m2 of space available, out of which almost 12 000 m2 are warehouse spaces, 4000 m2 are office spaces, 7 700 m2 are commercial spaces and another 350 m2 are residential spaces. See our current offer.

30 years of experience

For 30 years, we have been exclusively dedicated to the over all management and rental of real estate. The premises where you do your business or live are constantly supervised by a team of experts in the fields of construction, energy, business, law and marketing. If you need help, you can contact the members at any timeour team.

23 cities in Slovakia

We offer properties in 23 different cities. It is not a problem to choose our premises for a whole chain of stores or to supply your stores from our warehouses in Martin, Žilina or Banská Bystrica. See our current offer.

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