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Business premises Vlčince II. ZA


Slovanská cesta 3319, 010 08 Žilina 8



  • The property is located in the centre of the Vlčince II housing estate. in a residential zone, surrounded by prefabricated houses. It is about 2.5 km away from the city centre.
  • Transport connections – main road 0.5 km, railway station and bus station 3 km.
  • Vlčince is the largest housing estate in Žilina with the largest number of inhabitants. The estate has a trolleybus service and is connected to the trolleybus network from three different directions.
  • The building has an ATM.
  • There is a public transport stop nearby.


The building is two-storey, on the ground floor there is a grocery store, drugstore and industrial goods.

Upstairs there is a restaurant, pizzeria, hairdresser, cosmetics.

Possibilities of commercial use – business premises, restaurant services, services of various nature, entertainment, relaxation.

The supplying of the building is provided from Varšavská street.

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