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Advertising space Hliny V. Žilina


Hliny V., ul. Ružová 1637, 010 01 Žilina


  • Possibility of advertising on the facade of the building.
  • The social pavilion is situated in the central part of the Hliny V. housing estate on Ružova Street near two secondary schools and an elementary school. Distance from the city center is about 2.5 km.
  • The building is two-storey with two separate entrances. On the ground floor there is a grocery store, drugstore and industrial goods and a beer bar. On the first floor there are operations – office space, a kindergarten and a private elementary art school.
  • The building is part of the amenities of the Hliny V. housing estate, which consists of shops and services of various kinds (sports shops, butcher, confectionery, restaurant, wine shop, grocery, stationery and furniture shop within a radius of about 400 m).
  • Nearby (100 m) there is a stop for public transport.
  • Location in the center of the housing estate, part of the amenities of the residential zone – high traffic of people.


  • Possibility of advertising on the facade
  • The building is two-storey, on the ground floor there is a restaurant with a games room and a bar, on the first floor there is a library and a second hand shop.
  • Possibilities of commercial use – business premises, restaurant services, services of various nature, entertainment, relaxation.
  • The supply of the building is solved from the street Sv. Cyril and Methodius to the eastern side of the building – see photo documentation of the exterior.

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